Ribbon Ribbon on a Roll

For several years now I have had a ribbon drawer for all the ribbon I might ever use on a card or project.  I started off with it all color coordinated, neat and tidy.  Then life happened and it soon looked like …….


Pretty horrible, huh.  I can’t find anything in there, it’s a jumbled mess and desperately needs to be sorted.  I was browsing Pinterest and came upon this. I liked the concept and I certainly liked the price.  I just needed to make a few alterations.

DIY ribbon rack

I wanted to mount my ribbon rolls on the closet door where I keep all my card stock. It is a deep but narrow closet just off my kitchen where I have all my other stamping supplies.  I moved all my paper there a few months ago and love how accessible and tidy it is.  Here’s a pic of the closet.  IMG_1418After discussing it with my friendly Lowe’s guy, we decided to mount the wood pieces and dowel rods on the door with glue. He helped me find the wood, the rods, the hooks the glue.  Love those Lowe’s guys.  Everyone needs one of their own. (My husband is not handy in that way.  He’s good a lot of things, but DIY isn’t one of them)


So here it is, still drying from the glue. I opted for closed hooks rather than ceiling hooks to prevent the dowel rood from being bumped and falling off the door.  I can still easily slide on or off new rolls.  I also took some old empty ribbon rolls and used them to wind the bakers twine and linen thread so it also will fit on the door.


Best of all, cost was only $12 and some sweat cutting and measuring things in my garage on the hottest day of the year so far.  It has also forced me to really evaluate how much ribbon a stamper could possible need.  I don’t think I could have used all the ribobn if I stamped from now till I was 100 and still use it all up.

Organization is your friend especially in a stamping world.  Hope you enjoyed my little venture with DIY. I may even consider adding some more rods as my ribbon drawer is not empty. Hmmmm



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  1. It’s so wonderful to be organized. This is such a great solution! It looks great Lynn.

  2. Incredible solution! I’m still bug-eyed from all the ribbon you have. The first day I ever talked to you, you said, “I love ribbon”. Now I believe you! 🙂

  3. O-o-o-o-o, how great is this. Im off to Lowe’s for my supplies. I don’t have a door to put this on but going to try a free standing–maybe on a base.

  4. Great idea! Could you also give more detail on your paper storage, please.

  5. You’ve been busy! Looks great! Organized great!

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