Last call for Lynn’s retiring products for sale – Really

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The response to my retired items sale has been nothing short of phenomenal.  When you write a blog like mine, you create stuff, you write about that stuff, and you post your stuff on your blog.  It is primarily a one way street, with me writing stuff, and me hoping someone reads it.  The occasional much appreciated comment will be made which still after three years of doing this makes my heart sing when I receive one.  But even if no one comments, or even if no one reads, I would still create-write-post my stuff cause I do it to keep me being creative.  Having this blog has expanded my creativity because I felt I have a reputation to uphold to myself.

So, a week ago when I posted my retired item sale list at 10:00 pm on a Saturday night, I really didn’t expect anyone to  buy anything.  I figured lot’s of demonstrators or folks getting out of stamping had their items already posted for sale and I was about three weeks late and everyone wanting any of my stuff would have already found it for sale.  So when I started receiving requests for my items almost immediately I was happily shocked.  It has been a busy week here at the Owlery with each evening emailing and talking to all of you wonderful stampers out there.  Had a nice long wonderful conversation with Karen in Florida, many emails with Betty, and Valerie and Judy to name a few.  I feel I’ve made some new stamping friends this week and who can’t use more of those.

This will be my last post about the retired items, promise.  Now that the list is a bit more manageable I thought I would provide pictures of the remaining items.  A few aren’t pictured, feel free to email me about those, but 98% of what I have left are pictured below.

  •  All the framelits sets are $10.00.  I’ve combined Adorning accents and the Large Scallop edgelits into one item.
  • All the Embossing Folders are $5.00.
  • Most Stamp sets are $7.00 with the exception of those show at the bottom of the page. Those are $10.00
  • Some of the pictures indicate digital download.  That is just the picture, the item I have for sale is the actual stamp set.
  • Any picture below that indicates a bundle not.  It’s just the stamp set.  I selected the bundle item instead of just the stamp set item from my picture source.  Sorry.

A few aren’t pictured, feel free to email me about those, but 98% of what I have left are pictured below.   Pictures weren’t available for Best of Flowers, Gently Falling, Hooray It’s Your Day, Perfect Punches, Petite Sayings, Postage Collection, Winter Post, Wondrous Wishes, You’re Lovely.

Dies and Embossingdies and embossing folders

Stamp Sets A – B

stamp sets A-B

Stamp Sets C – L

Stamp sets C - L

Stamp Sets M – Z

Stamp sets M - Z

Stamp Sets $10.00Stamp Sets $10.00

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  1. Hi, Lynn! I’d be interested in CORNER GARDEN, CHOOSE HAPPINESS and WHAT’S YOUR TYPE? Do you do PayPal?

  2. Hi Lynn, I hope you received my payment! Thanks, Diane Wien

  3. I am interested in your set “An Open Heart”. Is the total cost $7 or is there shipping?
    Thanks and have a great day!

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