a 30 Year Journey

Today is a different kind of post. No cards on display made by me this time.  These are even better.

At my day job, like many of us stampers and card creators,  I am known for the cards I make and am asked to make them for every type occasion.  Birthdays, thank you, sympathy,  baby cards, you name it. Whenever a card is requested I put my heart and soul into its creation.  As such, I’m very particular about them and they all have to meet my own high standards.  Nothing crooked, all the layers and bows and pearls placed perfectly.  I even bring the proper color marker or pen for them to use to sign it, and they all have to use the same pen.  My co workers have learned to ask before signing anything!!   Just me being particular about my work product I guess.

So, to honored my recent 30 year anniversary at the company, my boss and my coworkers all got together with craft supplies they brought in from home and made cards for me.  They did this on a day I was out of the office so it would be a total surprise, which it was. They purposely broke every card rule I have. All the inks are different colors.  The paper is torn or cut with different style cuts, or even faded, the glue is showing.  One had letters stuck that have all fallen off.

It started out saying, When you started there were <picture of a dinosaur> walked the earth.  Congrats on 30. Sean

04-IMG_1108They used all kinds of craft supplies.  No, they are not kindergarten teachers.  Even Googly eyes.

06-IMG_111011-IMG_1115They depicted me with my scarves or necklaces, and fuzzy slippers, even a crown….


They used flowers and turquoise fire breathing dragons, together….

03-IMG_1107  They used fancy shaped scissors to cut and tear.  08-IMG_1112 09-IMG_1113

They wrote words using just Yarn……01-IMG_1105 02-IMG_1106They are the best cards ever.  They all had so much fun making them and then telling me about making them. Aren’t they awesome!!!

Later that day, I received another surprise.  We have a marketing photo shop guru on our staff.  He did a little retrospective for my 30 years and inserted my picture into so pretty famous scenes from 1986.    See the pictures below.

I really work with a great bunch of folks who make it fun to come to work every day.

Apparently, Lynn was very active 30 years ago.

Around the time Janet Jackson put out her “Control” album…..Lynn released an album called “Topaz”


She also starred in 2 Blockbuster films that year topgun alien

And was even on Reagan’s cabinet! regean

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  1. Oh my this is so funny and so touching all at the same time! Clearly you are loved and appreciated at work. Hang on to those cards as they should be treasured. Congrats to you on 30 years!

  2. This is such a great post! I love everything about it! I just celebrated 15 years at my company – nothing as amazing and beautiful as this. Love!

  3. Wow, Lynn! Congratulations! And how special!! I got a little choked up reading your post. Such a labor of love!

  4. Congratulations on your 30 years, Lynn.
    with fellow employees like this, no wonder you’re still there.
    and those ‘historic’ pics are a riot!
    what a very thoughtful and wonderful group of people you work with.
    and you fit right in!
    Thank you for sharing pictures of your awesome cards and what they did for you!

  5. This brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful. Congratulations on your milestone and in making a positive impact on so many people. You’re amazing.

  6. Brian, those cards are precious. Congratulations on 30 years. That’s a lonngg time

  7. What awesome co-workers you have. Congrats on the 30 yrs.

  8. As one of Lynn’s coworkers, we are lucky to have with us. We did try do the best we could with breaking all her rules which shows why her rules are so important. Love ya Lynn!

  9. Lynn this is so awesome!!! I live their cards and the humor (intentional or not) behind them. Congrats on 30 years. It’s unheard of these days, but you did it my friend!!! Tell your co-workers not to quit their day jobs and to start coming to your classes. :-). They will see how easy it is.

  10. These cards prove why you enjoy going to work every day. They worked hard to break your rules. Thanks for showing their lovely cards. Congrats on your 30 years there. Have a great weekend.

  11. Congratulations! Those movie posters are great! 🙂

  12. I can see how you stayed for 30 years with a group as awesome as this. Congratulations!

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