A peak in the Owlery

Today it is my turn to share pictures of my stampin space.  Nothing really fancy but I call it home.

IMG_1096My stamping space is in a corner of my kitchen. I’m blessed with a very large kitchen and have plenty of room to carve off a corner for my stamping area.  The kitchen is open into our main living room so I can stamp and still talk to my husband or listen to the TV.  This is also where my monthly stamping club is held.  If we have a lot of folks I can set up a table in the living room.  And yes, those are paper scraps on the floor.


I always stand when I stamp.  I have everything I need in the cabinets above and below me with the exception of my paper.


All my stamps, ink and punches are handy.  I’m a big fan of Stamp-n-Storage products and use them to hold my ink, punches, markers, dies and embossing folders.


This cabinet is right above where I work and holds dies, embossing folders,  are embellishments, glue, tape, etc. Scrap paper cut to the same size and organized by color are in the top right corner.  There are other supplies in the bottom cabinets that I did not think you really wanted pictures of. Mostly things I need every once in a while, not every day.



This is a closet just off the kitchen. Until a few weeks ago it held all kinds of misc things as it was the closet we just threw things into.  I had been wanting a better way to store my paper so my husband and I cleaned it out so I could put in some Office Supply folder organizers for all my paper to stand up neatly.  I arrange them color.  I even cut down my color stack DSP to 6×12 and included it with each color.  Not shown is the top shelf which has more head room and can accommodate 12×12 paper, scoring board and other items I don’t need every day.  It is so much easier to get to the paper I want and store the larger scraps as well.

One last picture


I took all of these pictures today, April 15, and yes that is snow on the top of the grill on the deck in Central Ohio. Will this winter never end??

Thanks for stopping by today.  I’ll be back on Friday with a card for your review.







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Thanks for visiting my Site. My name is Lynn Kolcun and I'm a Stampin Up Demonstrator. I love being creative with paper and ink, learning new techniques and sharing my craft with you.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your little bit of crafting with us. I love to see other’s areas for inspiration. I have a corner of a bedroom, which is already an office for two. I love it even more since my husband named it the Card Corner. 🙂

  2. It’s so fun to see inside people’s stamping spaces! Thanks for sharing this. Your paper looks so beautifully organized – and those Stamp-n-Storage holders are great!

  3. Lynn. Thank you for sharing your string space:-). I love seeing other peoples ideas.

    Given the sudden change of weather from spring to winter I had a dream last night that we got snow. We did not get any bit did get freezing rain. Ugh. I have the fireplace going today. What happened to spring?

  4. Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

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