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Hi everyone.  I’ve been considering for quite a while now that it was time to venture into the use of videos in my blog.  I am a consumer of videos to learn new techniques and how to do something.  It only makes sense that I should share what I do with those of you out there on the internet via videos as well.  Let me tell you, it is scary.  So, please be kind.

I chose a stamping topic today that I was really comfortable with, because I have done it so many times and that is adhering clear mount stamps images to rubber stamps.  I think there is a right way to do this, and an ok way to do it.  Hopefully you will agree with me that my trick is the right way and provides you a way to keep those sticky images straight when you mount them on the rubber.

I hope you enjoyed today’s tip on mounting your clear mount stamps just in time for all the new stamps you’ll be ordering come January when the new Sale-a-Bration and Occasions catalog are live. I didn’t mention in the video but storing your stamps in the stamp case in this way also helps to make sure you aren’t missing any of the stamps when you are ready to put it away. If there is a whole in the backing, a stamp has gone astray.

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Thanks for visiting my Site. My name is Lynn Kolcun and I'm a Stampin Up Demonstrator. I love being creative with paper and ink, learning new techniques and sharing my craft with you.


  1. Well congrats on your first video! Well done. And what a great tip! I always have trouble lining the backing up and never thought to only take half the paper off! Duh! How simple. Thanks for that and keep the videos coming! Merry Christmas!

    • I know, right. When I first started stamping I would take them all out of the rubber and take all the backing off and try to get it on there straight. It was a disaster until I figured out that leaving them in the rubber makes it easier to store. Once I was doing that it only made sense to apply the stickers this way. So glad I could help.


  2. Good job! Very helpful tip!

  3. Lynn, what a great video. I think you did great and it is so nice to meet a new part of you, your voice. Beautiful to go along with your pictures now! I look forward to more in the future.

    • Thank you so much Nancy. I always appreciate your comments. Maybe someday I’ll even show my face. That would be even more scary.


  4. Lynn, I think you did a wonderful job. Your tips were informative and helpful. The nerves will get better as you become more comfortable talking to the camera. Looking forward to what you have for us in the future.

  5. You made a wonderful video! No silly chatter – just got to the point – I really like that. Thanks for venturing out in this new area…we are waiting for more techniques!

  6. Congratulations Lynn!!!! Well done. This is a great stamping tip to demonstrate through video. And your manicure looked lovely!

  7. Great job, my daughter. Love your creativity ,

  8. Such an easy way to get things straight, thank you. Great job on your first video, I look forward to more!

  9. Well done. Useful info too. Keep them coming.

  10. I have used SU Stamps for many years now and You have such a good idea. I think for your first video it was excellent. Thank you soooo much.

  11. Your first video was great with terrific suggestions for a new stamp set. Thanks.

  12. I never thought about doing it this way! Thank you for making the part I dislike the most, much easier! And I love seejng hands and hearing the voice of people I’ve been following for years!

  13. that was an awesome video! I will use your method from now on. Thank you Lynn!

  14. great job with your very first video.

  15. Really enjoyed your video…. I always get mine crooked so I’ll be trying your method soon. Thanks for sharing….

  16. Excellent! Great idea. You are awesome.

  17. What a great tip. Midway through your video I had a “why didn’t I think of that” moment. I’ll be sure to follow your advice. No more wonky labels. Yay. Very good job for a first video. Keep up the good work. Look forward to more tips.

  18. Good instructive video. I’ve tried adhering the labels to the stamps BUT then I find they don’t stick to the blocks as well so I don’t bother anymore. I will admit that without the label it’s sometimes hard to get the right stamp LOL

    • I had trouble with the stamps clinging to the blocks as well. I purchased some clear vinyl cling sheets through Amazon and cut them to fit my blocks. They cling to the blocks and the stamps cling to them. It works great and allows me to keep the sticker on the stamp so I can see what I’m stamping.

  19. This is BRILLIANT!!! Wish I had know this trick about 100 stamp sets ago…LOL!!
    Thanks for sharing. Great first video.

  20. Good job on your first video. It is a great tip. I will be looking forward to more of your videos. Thanks.

  21. GREAT video, Lynn! Kudos to you for breaking into video. 🙂 Woo hoo!

  22. Congrats Lynn on your first video! I also adhere my new stamps this way, it keeps them straight and flat with no curling which helps it stay on the clear block better.
    Hope to see more videos, you do a great job.

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