My husband Steve and I just returned from a fabulous trip to Alaska.  We did a cruise with 9 other friends and family from Vancouver to Anchorage and it was fabulous.  Here are a few of the pictures I captured.

Our first view from our balcony while still in Canada.  I loved being able to step outside and see the world around me and hear the water at any time .

First stop was Icy Strait Point and the town of Hoonah where we Zip Lined down 1500 Feet and celebrated with a We Got Zipped shot.

Next stop was Juneau.  This is across the water from the bulk of the town in the distance behind us.

We visited the Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Waterfall near Juneau.  The water is so fast it could fill an Olympic swimming pool every second.

Up a Tram to the highpoint above the water looking out over Juneau.  It was hard to take a bad picture, the scenery is just so amazing.

Next stop was Skagway know for the harsh conditions and the Gold Rush.  The Fjord here was formed by an ancient Glacier carving out  the valley

While in Skagway we went to a Mushers camp and were pulled on a one mile ride by dogs training to run the Iditerod.  We helped with their strength training.  Those 14 dogs had no trouble pulling a 600lb summer sled – on wheels – plus 7 people and they were fast.

Lookout point in Skagway

A day of Cruising and on to Glacier Bay.

Marjorie Glacier formed Glacier Bay.  It is hard to fathom but Marjorie is one half mile wide and about 200 feet high.  We had the opportunity to hear the White Thunder when huge chunks of ice and snow fell into the water.  Proof that while glaciers look immobile, they are actually moving all the time.

Gulf of Alaska

On another cruising day on our way to College Fjord

Just coming up on College Fjord.  The Fjord was formed by Harvard Glacier but there are 7-8 other glaciers named after colleges within it.

We are coming up on Harvard Glacier in front of us.  This glacier is actually made up of 14 other glaciers from up in the mountains, joining together on the path to the water.  This glacier is one of the few that is actually advancing rather than receding.  Were were still about an hour away from it when I captured this picture.

Finally close to the Harvard Glacier.  But, think about it. This glacier is 1.5 miles wide and over 200 feet high.  Its kinda hard to wrap your head around.

Thanks for indulging me in my vacation photos.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. This looks like a fabulous trip, thank you for sharing your pictures!

  2. Such great pictures of an amazing adventure! Thanks for sharing, Lynn! <3

  3. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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