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Yesterday I shared my new Ribbon holder I created on the back side of my closet door. You can see that post here.  This is also the closet where I keep all my paper for crafting. One of my wonderful readers, Diane, asked me to share more about my paper storage, so today’s extra post, cause I don’t usually post on Thurs, is about that.


This is a picture of my closet where I keep my paper.  It happens to be a nice little storage closet just off of my kitchen where the rest of my stamping supplies are kept so it is very handy.  Until a few months ago it was filled with TP and tissue boxes, floor cleaner, used gift bags and assorted other misc stuff that you can’t figure where else to store.  That was until I got a burr in my bonnet to use it for my paper storage.  Actually I needed more room for my stamps and the one whole cabinet I had been using for paper now holds them.

You can see these are wire shelves which in now way possible will it hold paper vertically.  I found or purchased three manila folder holders.  The kind you use in your office that have solid bottoms and divider pieces so the manila folder stands upright in it.  Anyway, I placed 3 of these in the closet, one on each shelf and put the paper in still in the cellophane sleeve it comes in from Stampin’ Up!.  Each divider section holds 2-3. I tuck in any cut sheets there too, so when I’m gathering paper for my next project I’m not wasting a whole sheet when the piece I need is already available.  I also stored all the DSP Color paper stack sheets, you know, the ones that are just a single color with a pattern, right beside the card stock cut down to 12×6. That’s why you can see them sticking out past the card stock.

All my 12×12 paper is stored on the very top shelf, not shown in the picture, because it has a higher ceiling and can accommodate the 12 in height.  To the right, you can see some reams of paper.  Those are white and ivory card stock I purchase from a paper supply store here in town.  I use them for big projects where I don’t need whisper white or very vanilla.  I can also order that same white and ivory in  12×12 sheets to use for wedding invitation envelopes.  There are tags along the shelf with the names of the colors but I rarely reference them.

Lastly, I’m one of those who sorts colors by their color, not by the collections they are sold in from SU.  I like all my yellows together, all my greens, blues, reds….you get the picture. I do the same thing with my ink, and even my clothes.  It’s just my thing.

I would have loved to have been able to have some file drawers with hanging files to store my paper in but that just wasn’t an option in my kitchen where I stamp so I opted for this closet solution and it is working out great.  I can keep my space clear and refile cut pieces easily and quickly.

Thanks for asking Diane : )


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  1. I wondered about the paper too. Thanks for the extra post.

  2. Looks like a great system!

  3. Thank you, Lynne. I need to organize my paper stack and you have given me some great ideas. I appreciate the time you took to pass on your organizational ideas as well as all your inspiring cards.

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