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It is a common thing that paper crafters are also organizers.  We have so many items to be stored and retrieved that we kinda have to be organized in order to get anything done.  Most of us start out in a little corner of our home, perhaps a basement, or a spare bedroom or part of the kitchen like I did.  Then as we grow in our craft we expand to other parts of the home, taking over closets and cabinets everywhere, all the time our spouse/partners are rolling their eyes.  The lucky ones move on to a real honest to goodness craft room.  I was one of those lucky ones but it was years before I made the move to convert my unused dining room into my office.  It is an ever-evolving thing.  More items mean more storage and organizational opportunities while the space is always limited.


About 18 months ago I moved into my new office.  I went all out and purchased the Kallax shelf system from IKEA and filled it with storage units from Stamp-n-Storage.  The units are all wood, sturdy and designed specifically for paper crafters using this IKEA system.  I’m in love with my space, except for one thing.  I was never totally happy with how I was storing my stamp sets on the top row.  I could fit 20 in one cubby but all the space behind them and above them was really wasted.  They would fall over or back behind and I had to dig to get them out.  Or, I would run out of space and have stamp sets I couldn’t fit.


That was until I was browsing the Stamp-n-Storage website for another punch holder and spied the new stamp case shelf/drawer unit.  Oh My Gosh.  When can I get them?




Each drawer holds 44 regular stamp cases, 22 on each side.  And there is storage above the stamp cases for all those little items we always need drawers for.




I purchas1e 3 drawers and have one whole side still open for spring stamp sets.  It also freed up 1-1/2 cubbies for future expansion.  Plus it just looks so much nicer.

I didn’t stop there this week.  I also purchased a second Christmas Countdown kit.  The first one I made per the design as an advent calendar for my granddaughter Penelope. She is 16 months old and her mother said she loved it :).  My second kit I used to store and organize embellishments.


I did not come up with this idea on my own but saw it on a Stampin Up website.  All of the embellishments are in their own little drawer with a sample of them on the outside of the drawer.  I find it so much easier to consider what to use on a project when I can see them all at once.  I did have to cut the sheets of pearls or enamel dots into pieces that would fit in the drawer but find I don’t mind that.

Thank you for visiting today and I hope you are on your own organizational journey with your crafting.  Whether you use kitchen drawers or full out systems, crafting is a pleasure worth pursuing.  Until next time…

Happy Stamping

Links to items I used today


NOTE: I do not receive any benefit from Stamp-n-Storage for referring you to them.  I just love their products.

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  1. I love your space! The new drawers are pretty amazing, but I LOVE how you’ve repurposed that kit and decorated it with the embellishments inside. ♥

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