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Yesterday’s second post was all about the Last Chance items recently announced by Stampin’ UP! This is a big-time, as we move from the previous annual catalog and Jan-Jun Mini catalog to a new annual catalog going live in June.  Items that appear on the Retired list go quickly so if you want them, order now.  You can see the full Retired List Post HERE

I have to admit, I’ve not done blog candy before but my business has grown a lot in the last year since I ‘retired’ from my day job.  I want to share my success with one of you by sending out some blog candy. Want to see what I have for a lucky winner today?

That’s Right! a brand new Starts with Art Stamp set and Arts and Crafts Dies


Follow your Art Designer Series Paper (this is a full pack of paper but I have cut it to 6 x 12)


A Package of Mini Shipping Boxes.

To be eligible to receive this great bundle just leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing about being home during Covid-19 pandemic by midnight on Friday April 24th.  I’ll randomly select a winner and announce it on Monday Morning April 27.  You’ll have 24 hours to get back to me with your name and address for shipping your goodies.

Thanks for playing and start thinking up those favorite things.

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Thank you for visiting today.  I always appreciate your comments and answer all questions as soon as possible.  Until next time…

Happy Stamping

Isolation Inspiration Kits 

I can make a kit for you using stamp sets you already have at home too. Order your Avery’s Owlery Isolation Inspiration Kits from me today and get some much-needed craft time in these days of stay at home orders.  Click for more details.



Click to see all my Make at Home Kits

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Ornate Garden Suite – Available April 1, 2020

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Thanks for visiting my Site. My name is Lynn Kolcun and I'm a Stampin Up Demonstrator. I love being creative with paper and ink, learning new techniques and sharing my craft with you.


  1. Oh Boy, have I learned a lot. My top three . . . more quality time with my family. I can live with a lot less than I thought. Name brands on house-hold items do not matter, like paper towels or TP.

    • Nancy, you are so funny. Love the name brand thing. I was lucky I had just purchased a big 48 roll pack of TP back in Feb. My husband was in Florida the first week of March and things basically shut down and TP disappeared around that time. When he got home the first thing I told him wasn’t hello I love you, it was don’t worry, we have plenty of TP!!

      Thanks for playing along today

  2. Hello Lynn, I’ve just enjoy the extra time with my family as I have a freshman in college and a junior in high school. This has allowed me and my husband more time to spend with them. At their age, they are constantly on the go and now they are stuck at home with us. ❤️ 🙏🏻

    • I think that is great. So much wonderful bonding time going on now with families. Games being played, funny videos created. Definetly a positive to this whole situation.
      Thanks for playing along today

  3. I actually love being home having TIME for my family AnD stamping.

    • That’s so wonderful. I actually love being at home to so this isn’t too terrible. I just miss being able to hug and kiss my grandkids. Facetime with an almost two year old just isn’t the same as snuggles.
      Thanks for playing along today

  4. I have time to craft! And I was able to clean and organize my room 😊 It’s so nice to be able to go in and find the things I need now,!

    • No kidding!!. My office was in pretty good shape overall but my husband and I have been cleaning out other areas of the house. We rearranged our sun room, cleaned out the garage, took stuff to charity drops. We’ve about run out of places to clean….now what will we do? Thanks for playing along today

  5. I think the reason for me is that I realize how REALLY important God is in my life and how I appreciate being able to go to church and adore my Lord. I really miss not being able to go to church. I miss not being able to touch my family physically and giving them a big hug and kiss.

    • So true. My church has been doing video services every Sunday through Facebook Live and You Tube Live. I kinda enjoy being able to listen while I’m in my craft room. Thanks for playing along today

  6. Being able to take a long walk in the middle of the day.

  7. I’ve started cooking with new recipes, and loving it!

    • You’ll have to share your favorites. I’m always on the lookout for new things to try for dinner. Thanks for playing along today

  8. I can watch all the awesome video tutorials for cards and “gifty” ideas – even following along as I watch while making the cards! Normally, if I see a card I wish to “case”, I have to just pin it for later – then, when later arrives, I’ve had a memory lapse and can’t remember what idea or where I saved it!!! Also, I’m finding supplies I didn’t know I had while trying to straighten my room.

    • I like that opportunity to craft more too. I think I’ve rearranged my office space three times since this started.
      Thanks for playing along today

  9. Good morning. The thing I enjoy about being home is that I can be in my craft room more and it feels like family is more connected. Miss seeing other family but as with everything there is good and bad in all things.

    • you are so right. I think familys are growing closer together because of this. Especially the ones with kids at home that aren’t rushing around to all kinds of activities. Thanks for playing along today

  10. It seems I’m crafting more, and I find the crafting relieves the stress of not being able to resume normal activities. I’m also cooking and baking more, my favorite activities.

  11. Lynn,
    What a great blog candy offering!
    The best thing about being stuck at home besides time for crafting (therapy) is finding out that my husband and I will not drive each other crazy in retirement! We’re doing this togetherness thing better than we thought we would! 🙂

    • HAHA, My husband and I found that out too. He is working from home now instead of going to the office. I thought it would drive me crazy but we’ve worked into a pretty good routine. Thanks for playing along today

  12. My favorite thing about being home through the epidemic is having more time to keep in touch with family and friends, those closely and far away, even though it is not in person. Phone calls, web cramming and actually sending out lots of cards I have had time to make (keeping the USPS busy!) Thanks for a chance to win your fun blog candy!

    • I agree. I sent out Easter Cards this year for the first time ever. Have to keep in touch and a card is a great way to do that. Thanks for playing along today

  13. We are actually “at home” at our second home in Arizona. The plan was for the entire family to join us for Easter. That obviously did not happen. I have no stamping supplies here. We are spending our days swimming, enjoying the sunshine, staying in touch with family and because our youngest daughter and her family live close by, spoiling two of our grandchildren.

    • I’m envious of you’re being in Arizona and near your grandchildren, but would be going crazy without any stamping supplies. Thanks for playing along

  14. Krista Ackerknecht

    My favorite thing about being home is not being abused daily by the students I teach. I know…that seems ridiculous, but it’s been a blessing to my mental health, I also set up my stamping space, but have not been terribly inspired yet.

    • I’m so glad you are healthier mentally as a result of all this. take advantage of that new stamp space for sure. pick a stamp set and vow to make three different cards using it. You’ll be surprised what you come up with. Thanks for playing along

  15. Hi, my favorite thing about covid has been long walks & bike rides with my husband. And cooking more! Love your blog!!

  16. My favorite thing about being home during this pandemic is being able to create and send cards out to many people I normally wouldn’t think to. And every one of them has been appreciated more than I could ever have imagined. So much so that I am going to keep it up, pandemic or not!

    • I’m proud of you for setting that goal. a hand crafted card is so touching to the recipient. I hope you keep it up. Thanks for playing along

  17. My favorite thing about being is having dinner with my whole family – every night! My husband gets off a commuter train at 7:30pm and my teenage daughter works from 5-9pm so the only day we “possibly” eat dinner together is Sunday.

  18. WOW! What a great giveaway!! I don’t have any of these products. Thanks for the chance to win!
    My favorite thing about staying home is, of course, no make-up and don’t have to “do” my hair…pony tail everyday!!! Also, I’ve been spending a LOT of time in my Happy Place (my craft room).

    • Make-Up? What’s that? I’m just hoping to get a hair cut soon. It isn’t long enough for a ponytail, it just looks shaggy. Thanks for playing along

  19. Spending more time with family .

  20. Being in my craft room more, organizing, sorting and sending out more cards to encourage others, but other than not going to church, going to see what ever event my grandsons are doing, my life has not changed that much. My full time job is working for a company who owns 91 fast food restaurants, and the drive thru is still open, so we still have to pay bills, run payroll and enter sales, etc. I am loving my time with husband that doesn’t involve driving to a sporting event to watch one of three grandsons, seemed like we were always spending our time traveling to see one or more them play some type of game or event. Now we just get to see them via facetime or zoom.

  21. i can go to my craft area and get lost in my creativity and not worry about what is not getting done around the house..i can always do what didn’t get done today -tomorrow

  22. My favorite thing about being “forced” to stay home is not having to make excuses for wanting to stay home. Although I am missing my grandsons, I love spending time in my home, especially my craft room. It is definitely my Happy Place!
    Thanks so much for offering this very generous give-away and the opportunity to win.

  23. My favorite thing about bring “sequestered” at home is seeing my husband and family more! What a treat that is! I also have more uninterrupted time to make Stampin’ Up! cards and projects. I’m in heaven!

    • Keep it up Peggy. cards and projects are the best way to keep your mind active and do something for yourself or others. Thanks for playing along today.

  24. My favorite thing about being at home is spending more time stamping and getting caught up on my Paper Pumpkin Kits!!

  25. I’m cooking more now. Especially baking and making breads. My children are dropping off food for me and I can give them some goodies.

    • What a great way to give back. I’m making Sourdough bread today for the first time. My son-in-law gave me a starter. We’ll see how it turns out but I’m pretty sure I messed something up along the way. Better luck next week. Thanks for playing along today.

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